Saturday, May 3, 2014

These Kids as part of b current's Rock. Paper. Sistahz Festival!

My new play These Kids will be presented as part of b current's Rock. Paper. Sistahz Festival on Saturday, May 17th starting at 5:30pm at the Aki Studio, Daniels Spectrum (585 Dundas St. E).

These Kids is a collection of monologues capturing the diverse voices of Toronto’s young people, examining the gaps, commonalities, and world views of Toronto’s youth.  The stories are simple: from a young artist entering a banner contest in St. Jamestown, to an aspiring music video director in Dean Park, to a young woman who gets bullied by other girls at the local Walmart, These Kids captures Toronto’s diversity, and celebrates the city through the voices of its young citizens. These kids talk.  Some know each other.  Others don’t.  And in the end their stories crash and come together – a testament to an ever-changing city on the verge of growing up.

The performance features some of the most exciting young performers in the City of Toronto:

Araya Mengesha
Jessica Moss
Tawiah M'Carthy
Jessica Salguiero
Antonia Cayonne
Julian De Zotti
Rebecca Applebaum
Ava Julien

Tickets are $13.

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