Thursday, December 3, 2009


For Immediate Release:

It’s a busy time of year for jsquared.theatre, with two (2) productions (both plays about Iraq) opening in the same week, in two (2) different cities! jsquared.theatre’s dust opens January 7th as part of the Wildside Festival, at the Centaur Theatre, Montreal, while its play gas, opens January 8th as part of the Next Stage Theatre Festival at the Factory Theatre! For more information on dust please visit: http://www.centaurtheatre.com/wildside_festival.html

December 4, 2009 - The 343 Co-op and jsquared.theatre are proud to present the Toronto premiere of gas, written and directed by Jason Maghanoy and starring Kevin Walker, Andrew Church, Sabryn Rock, Prince Amponsah and Marc Senior. Stage management by Kat Chin, Lighting Design by Alaina Perttula.

When gas premiered in 2007 (produced by Montreal’s Infinitheatre and directed by Canadian Theatre great Guy Sprung), it was hailed as “an achievement” (Pierre Landry - CBC Montreal), as well as a “fast-paced, character-driven Middle East misadventure” striking “an impeccable balance between intimacy and claustrophobia” (Brett Hooton - Hour). The Montreal Mirror concluded that gas "tells a specific story about one conflict that becomes a universal comment on the nature of war... Do not miss this show” (Amy Barrett - Montreal Mirror). In short, gas was one of the theatrical events of Montreal’s 07/08 theatre season; a vibrant and important play that sought to challenge and provoke its audience.

A highly theatrical, violent and ultimately moving examination of the young men and women currently fighting in Iraq, gas follows two American soldiers who kill two Iraqis and dump their bodies in a bombed out building. This story is inter-cut with that of Rocky, a young soldier who goes AWOL after refusing to escort a tanker full of contaminated diesel to another military base. This play examines the collision of these two stories, the tragic aftermath.

The Toronto premiere will be radically different from its world premiere (which featured the actors in full army fatigues, performing in a pool filled with sand). Not only will Toronto see a brand-new version of the script, but location and feel will be created by minimal costume elements, creative and dynamic lighting design and by the performers, moving and creating in space, physically working together as a chorus.

gas is about these young soldiers struggling to endure” says playwright and director Jason Maghanoy. “They are doing all that they can to survive in the darkest of times... and sometimes this involves becoming a part of the darkness.”

Stay tuned: after its Toronto premiere, gas will be produced in-translation in Japan, at the People’s Theatre, Tokyo, opening on May 24, 2010.

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Friday, October 9, 2009


gas will be produced in translation at the People's Theatre, Tokyo Japan, opening on May 24th 2010. Congratulations to Jason from the rest of the jsquared.theatre team!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Upcoming: Next Stage and Wildside

gas was selected as part of the 2010 Next Stage Theatre Festival at the Factory Theatre this January! For more information on the festival please visit http://fringetoronto.com/nstf/index.html

In other good news, dust was selected as part of the 2010 Wildside Theatre Festival at the Centaur Theatre in Montreal this January! For more information on the festival please visit http://www.centaurtheatre.com/wildsidefestival.html

Congratulations to the jsquared.theatre team!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Cahoots Theatre Projects

Congratulations to Jason Maghanoy, who has received an Ontario Arts Council grant to become a playwright-in-residence at Cahoots Theatre Projects next season!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The News

Congratulations to playwright Jason Maghanoy who was one of two (2) playwrights commissioned by the Playwrights Theatre Centre, The News Program! He will be in Vancouver from June 8-12 to present the new play, tentatively titled Tear, as part of PTC's New Play Festival!

Congrats to Jason from the JSquared Team!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Theatre Passe Muraille introduces:

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Theatre Passe Muraille invites you to become a part of the next wave of new play creation.

Challenging the existing relationship between audience and story, BUZZ presents work in its infancy and asks audiences to contribute to the development of the piece: by answering questions, by asking questions or by simply being engaged. Rather than theatre being created in isolation, BUZZ provides a forum where audiences and plays develop together from the ground up.

BUZZ takes place on Monday, March 9th – Thursday, March 12th, 2009 and includes new work by:

The Big Win Collective (Maja Ardal, Sally Han, Mary Francis Moore, Sedina Fiati, Bea Pizano, Edda Kristinsson & Anusree Roy) Catherine Hernandez, Dave Bidini & Ted Dykstra, Maja Ardal, Ravi Jain, Diane Flacks & Beverly Cooper, Donna Michelle St. Bernard, Madd Harold, Allyson McMackon, Simon Heath, Jason Maghanoy, Greg Thomas, Anusree Roy, Eda Holmes, Naomi Snieckus, Kelly McIntosh & David Ferry and Thomas Morgan Jones.