Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Theatre Passe Muraille introduces:

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Theatre Passe Muraille invites you to become a part of the next wave of new play creation.

Challenging the existing relationship between audience and story, BUZZ presents work in its infancy and asks audiences to contribute to the development of the piece: by answering questions, by asking questions or by simply being engaged. Rather than theatre being created in isolation, BUZZ provides a forum where audiences and plays develop together from the ground up.

BUZZ takes place on Monday, March 9th – Thursday, March 12th, 2009 and includes new work by:

The Big Win Collective (Maja Ardal, Sally Han, Mary Francis Moore, Sedina Fiati, Bea Pizano, Edda Kristinsson & Anusree Roy) Catherine Hernandez, Dave Bidini & Ted Dykstra, Maja Ardal, Ravi Jain, Diane Flacks & Beverly Cooper, Donna Michelle St. Bernard, Madd Harold, Allyson McMackon, Simon Heath, Jason Maghanoy, Greg Thomas, Anusree Roy, Eda Holmes, Naomi Snieckus, Kelly McIntosh & David Ferry and Thomas Morgan Jones.

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