Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Special Thanks!

The jsquared.theatre team would like to thank everyone who came out to support Ally & Kev as part of this year's SummerWorks Theatre Festival.

It was an incredible theatrical experience!


Five stars and a must-see from The Torontoist
"The acting is very strong, and Cara Gee turns in a perfectly disturbing portrayal of Ally. The sparse staging and small venue of Passe Muraille’s backstage provide an intimate encounter with the characters; in other words, there’s nowhere for the audience to hide. The pair are haunted by their respective dreams, which exist as the only safe venue to explore disillusionment, shame, and loss. This challenging, dark performance is an absolute must-see."

Four stars and a Critics Pick from NOW Magazine
"Playwright Jason Maghanoy's sometimes poetic, occasionally cryptic script is filled with strong dialogue, while his direction of the excellent cast (Cara Gee, Jeff Irving and Rosemary Dunsmore) is first-rate; he always keeps the stakes high. A play about love, need and dreams, some of which turn out to be dangerously contradictory."

Five stars from Theatromania
"A revenge fantasy-turned nightmare, Ally and Kev is a tight production, featuring a simple but effective set, eerie lighting and sound design and outstanding performances by a top-notch cast. Gee steals the show as the frighteningly manipulative Ally; Irving’s Kev is perfectly damaged and vulnerable, and Rosemary Dunsmore makes an unforgettable appearance mid-story. Maghanoy’s poetic script creeps up on the audience, making for a suspenseful theatre experience with definite remount potential. A must-see at this year’s SummerWorks Performance Festival."

A strong review from artsvox
"This dark and unsettling tale of revenge from writer/director Jason Maghanoy is not easy to watch, but impossible to look away from. Like Hannah Moscovitch’s 2011 Summerworks entry, Little One, Ally and Kev‘s central characters are a sibling duo with some serious issues..."


A BlogTO Must See Show!
"When Jason Maghanoy has a play in a festival, it's best to just go out and see it. One of the more exciting young voices on the Toronto theatre scene, Maghanoy's past work (Say Yes, The Corner, Dust, Gas) has been a regular feature at both SummerWorks and Next Stage. In his newest play, Ally & Kev, two siblings break into a house and wait for someone special to arrive home."

A Torontoist Must See
"Playwright Jason Maghanoy’s got an impressive track record when it comes to festival productions in Toronto, with previous hits like Dust and Gas. His new play, featuring Cara Gee (who we loved at last year’s SummerWorks and elsewhere) and Jeff Irving, as two siblings waiting in an empty house for the owner’s return—and having dark plans for what happens when they do."

Post City picks the Best of SummerWorks!
"In Toronto playwright Jason Maghanoy’s latest offering (he’s been an exciting fixture on the Toronto theatre festival circuit for a few years now), Ally and Kevin, brother and sister, have broken into someone’s house and now they’re waiting for his return. Spooky."