Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A special thank you to Northern Light Theatre in Edmonton

The squared.theatre team would like to thank everyone who supported the Edmonton production of Dust, produced by Northern Light Theatre and directed by Trevor Schmidt.

Vue Weekly Review
"Dust is a short play, with spare lines of dialogue punctuated by long moments of silence. Feeling uncomfortable during these suspended moments is precisely the point, and both actors demonstrate a masterful ability to convey the pathos of their characters without uttering a word."

The Edmonton Journal Review
"“If you miss home, you gotta make home.” In the chilling little two-hander currently running in the Northern Light Theatre season, that standard chin-up sentiment might just be the scariest thought of all. Right after the old truism that you should enjoy your work. Right before the one about world peace: “you can find it in an oatmeal cookie.” And women, incidentally, are the backbone of America; don’t you forget it."

The Edmonton Sun - Review
Prison play raw, compelling.

The Edmonton Journal - Interview with Jason Maghanoy
"“I like exploring the tension between cruelty and love,” says the light, friendly voice on the phone.

It belongs to Jason Maghanoy, a young and starry Toronto-based up-and-comer — actor, director, playwright — who unlike many theatre artists of his generation has found his inspiration, and his settings, not in some murky interior labyrinth but out there in the big, bad world."

Vue Weekly - Preview - Interview with Director, Trevor Schmidt
"'I always want to go to the dark side of things."

Northern Light Theatre has built its reputation on staging little-known plays that explore specific relationships between individuals, often pitting hope against despair in the same moment. Artistic director Trevor Schmidt explains that he's simply drawn to these types of scripts—and if he's going to stage a love story, as in the case of the upcoming production of Dust, it's certainly not going to end with happily-ever-after."

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