Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Gas Reviews

"The script, full of language both heightened and coarse, is gruesome and gripping. Maghanoy directs it himself with violent precision... The cast works at the top of their abilities with Kevin Walker creepy and compelling as a redneck soldier with his own unorthodox set of ethics."
The Globe and Mail

"Anchored by a remarkably assured, powerful script, Gas tells the story of five U.S. soldiers fighting the war in Iraq and the war raging within each of them."
The Toronto Star - Highly Recommended

"The young cast devour their characters with the relish of new recruits, especially Sabryn Rock as the sole female holding her own in a desert of machismo. Filled with dread, this is riveting, troubling theatre where hope is as grim as despair."
EYE Weekly - 4 Stars

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