Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Dust: A Romance

"Jason Maghanoy is forging a reputation as a writer of strong and provocative work."
Scena Magazine

"With Jason Maghanoy’s play, directed by Guy Sprung, Infini has got its mojo back. This is the best thing they’ve done since The Facts Behind the Helsinki Roccamatios… Do not miss this show."
Montreal Mirror

"Between the language of the text (poetic, funny and very real) and the purposefully ambiguous ending, Maghanoy keeps you transfixed."
NOW Magazine


JSquared Theatre, with the generous assistance of fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company presents:

written and directed by
Jason Maghanoy

Abu Ghraib Prison. Jenny works in the office. Jonathan is a prison guard. They meet. They fall in love. Written and directed by National Theatre School of Canada graduate Jason Maghanoy, and featuring some of the most outstanding young actors in the city of Toronto, dust is a chilling, and ultimately moving examination of torture, decency and the limits of hope.

dust was first presented as a solo show at the National Theatre School of Canada. This production was directed by Leah Cherniak and featured the playwright. It was subsequently presented by the Carlos Bulosan Theatre as part of Jeepney and Other Stories. This production was directed by Brett Christopher and featured Nicco Lorenzo Garcia.

dust was presented as a two-hander as part of the 2006 CrossCurrents Festival at the Factory Theatre. This workshop presentation was directed and dramaturged by Philip Akin and featured Byron Abalos and Jennifer Villaverde.

dust was presented as part of the ReCurrents Program: The Directors Cut at the 2008 CrossCurrents Festival at the Factory Theatre. This workshop was directed by Michael Murphy and featured Noa Mae Dorn and Ted Neal.

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